HONG KONG GODOWN ASSOCIATION LIMITED,formerly known as Hong Kong Chinese Godown Association,was founded in early 1950's.

The original purpose of forming this Association was to regulate the systems and charges among the Godown owners and operators,and not to compete against each other, especially for those handling the storage of rice.

This Association was later incorporated as a Limited Company on 2nd January ,1970 due to change of legislation in Hong Kong.

As the nature of members was not confined to those of local Chinese operators,the Association changed its name to Hong Kong Godown Association Limited on 9th July,1992.

The purposes and objects for which this Association is established are to promote the mutual welfare and interest of Godown owners and operators,etc.as defined in the memorandum and articles of this Association.

The number of members stood at 1st January,2003 is 25.


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